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December 2011

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Hmmm....a little Freudian?

Had a dream last night that I was a plummer.  Was trying to fix a leaky pipe in some dark, dingy basement.  Just as I got one plugged up, another pipe sprung a leak, then another, and another, until the basement was under water and I was swimming for my life, but all I could do was furiously tread water just fast enough to keep from going under.

If that's not some sort of Freudian symbolism for how many things I'm juggling at the moment - the new house chaos, living through a major campus-wide software conversion at work, trying to hire a new assistant and a cashier at the same time -  I don't know what is!



BREATHE, Bella, BREATHE! Geez, life is crazy sometimes, isn't it. Sending coping energies your way!!!!

Thanks, hun. Greatfully accepted. Compared to what some of you have gone through, I have no business complaining about being stressed. Besides, I always wanted to learn how to juggle! :)
LOL! Quite the Freudian dream hon! Try to take a deep breath and tackle it one by one. If anyone can juggle all that it's you! And if you need an ear to just vent to - you know where to find me!

Is that new cashier to replace that twit that was causing you so much trouble for so long? Or did you get rid of her already?
Thanks muchly. When I get frazzled, the cats always seem to know and do something goofy to amuse me. Rocky currently has a fascination with the squirrels outside in the yards and has begun making this strange noise that sounds like a dog woofing. It's too bizarre to have a cat that sounds like a dog!

LOL! This is the 3rd in a series of cashier twits that I've had to hire in the last couple of years. The one I'm replacing now only lasted 3 months because I wouldn't give her paid time off every day to go to the tanning bed! Go figure...
((((((((((((((Bella))))))))))))) Don't drown hon!!! Deep breath, deeeeeep breath!

Pogo and I love you and are thinking of you!!!
Love you and Super Pogo, right back!