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No! Not Ro too!

Oh will it never end?  I've been away, my friends.  Dealing with the losses of several of my family members, just too filled with sadness and unable to post or participate in your lives.  For many months, it was all I could do to drag myself to work and home again, so I stayed away from you all.  I'm sorry for that.  I missed you all dreadfully.  I've lost a mother, an aunt, and a godson, but tonight, I've lost a sister friend.

So today, out of the clear blue sky, something made me come here again.  And the very first thing I saw was Drake's post in Ro's journal.  And then I read back through her last few posts with tears running down my face.  I was so convinced that she'd be well and would have beaten this awful thing by now, by sheer force of will alone, that it never dawned that she might not.  I fully expected to see a post about her recent tumors not growing and how the chemo was working to shrink them.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think she wouldn't make it.  Never.

Right now, I'm too emotional to post much more tonight.  But Ro, you were always my hero.  You always will be.  Tonight, YOU are immortal in our hearts and you live in our memories.

Hugs to you all - Ro's extended family and friends here in Cyberland.  Tonight, we grieve together; tomorrow, and every day after, until we see her again, we celebrate Ro for everything she was and for all the light she brought into this world.

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