July 23rd, 2005


Land for new house

I'm very excited! We may have found the perfect land for the new house. It's over 8 acres of the most beautiful green rolling farm land with untouched woods that sit to the rear. There is a perfect spot on top of a small hill for a house. The view from that hill is amazing in all directions. There is a small stream that runs through the woods at the back of the property with a great spot for a pond. We can put in a pole barn with plenty of pasture that can be fenced and we can cut some riding trails into the woods. There are OLD trees in those woods - the farmer who owns the land now says some are 150 yrs old. The drive to work will be about 30 minutes longer for both of us but this piece of land will be worth it. We're meeting with the realtor and our attorney on Monday to walk the boundary stakes and make an offer. It's absolutely the land we've been looking for to build the new dream house!

Go here to see pictures I took today. http://pics.livejournal.com/arebella/
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