September 25th, 2005


Check out my new icons

The divine icon maker Ped made me some new sparkly pretties. The shots of the Big Bad God of War still give me gooosebumps! Ped made the Temple Card of "Arebella" that I use here and now she's made me an icon of it. She also made me a Random Acts of Kindness icon that would make a great bumpersticker.

Thank you muchly, O Talented One!
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God of War

Ain't he purty???

I'm sure I'm in deep shit for calling The Boss purty, but he sure is purty! There's a strange electrical buzzing sound and I think I'm about to become a pile of ashes! ;)
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Curly locks

I don't remember seeing this particular shot of Ares, but Gods, it's a great one. Love the curls! I always liked his hair best long and wild, but this length looks great on him too. The shorter hair grew on me after a while, but it's the long hair that makes him look most dangerous. Yum!
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