October 23rd, 2005

Random Acts

The next time I see "Dances With Wolves".....

Someone remind me to stop watching it before the soldiers kill the horse and the wolf. I love that movie and every time it's on TV I end up watching it, but the end is so damn depressing! When the soldiers at the fort capture John Dunbar as he's going back to the fort to retrieve his journal so the white men won't know about his life with the Sioux, they kill his horse and there's a shot of the buzzards picking at its carcass. This is the horse that has been his only friend on the prairie until he makes friends with the Sioux. Then there's a scene that seems to go on forever where the soldiers who have been and tortured Dunbar shoot at and eventually kill the wolf that he's made friends with as it's following him and won't leave. I don't know why, but those two scenes just kill me every time I see them and stick with me for days. I should know better than to watch them. Nothing makes me sadder than to even think about cruelty to anything defenseless and trusting.

Next time I come across that movie on TV, I swear I'm turning it off!
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