October 27th, 2005



Just practicing!!! ;)

Got out of a meeting filled with TTUN grads, which is akin to the 7th circle of Hell to Buckeye fans. (That's "That School Up North" - Michigan - our archrival for those of you who are not familiar with the rivalry. Buckeye fans NEVER say "Michigan". We say "TTUN" or "Meat Chickens" to designate the evil football empire to our North.)

See my shiny new icon?

BTW.....grads of OSU always say "THE Ohio State University", never just Ohio State University. Check that out when you're watching an NFL game like Monday Night Football and the players are introducing themselves. The OSU players always say "THE Ohio State University", with emphasis on the "THE".

Ok.. that was your Buckeye trivia for the day. ;)

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