November 30th, 2005


10 Things That Make you Happy

I've been seeing this all over LJ, so here goes:

List ten things that make you happy in no particular order:

1. John - who is the rock around which I live my life. He gives
me love, support, and laughter. In his eyes, I can do no wrong
and every thing I do is perfect, even when I know better.
2. Animals - of all types, sizes and varieties.
3. The Ohio State Buckeyes - my alma mater and my heart in all things
involving sports.
4. Sports! Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, track and field...
If it's a sport I'll watch it or participate in it.
5. My Harley - freedom encased in shiny chrome!
6. My friends - like a huge safety net that catchs me when I've lost my balance
in life.
7. My godchildren - the closest I've ever come to wanting kids of my own. They're
brilliant, honest, and think I'm the coolest person they know. And I can spoil
them rotten without any of the nasty consequences of having spoiled children!
8. My career - I've come a long way from Appalachia to where I am now, and I did it on
my own and on my own terms.
9. Writing - When the right words find their way to the page in the right order, I am
10. The serenity of being content in all things - my personal life, my career, myself -
but not so content that I lose my drive, my ambitions, the need to move forward in
life and do the things that remain unfinished. I want life at full-throttle, no
holds barred, no regrets of what could have been.
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