February 9th, 2006


Our new baby!!!!

Well.....not THAT kind of baby! But.... a baby Maine Coon cat is on the way for us.
The breeder just called us and has three litters on the way and we're on her waiting list for a little boy. I'm so excited because her waiting list for one of her coveted kits is over a year long. Maine Coons are pretty hard to come by, especially when they're from this breeder, who's produced a long line of Grand Champions.

It turns out that her best friend is a Turkish Angora breeder who runs a purebred cat rescue organization called PuRRS that I volunteer and work for! Yep....that's right....this nice lady that I work with trying to find homes for rescued cats mentioned to the Maine Coon breeder that I would sell my left kidney for one of her kittens. So the breeder contacted me and told me that the PuRRs lady went to bat for me as a cat lover and volunteer for rescued cats, so she moved me right to the top of her waiting list. I've been in LOVE with her stud cat, Kenny, forever and have seen him win several cat shows I've been to. He is the perfect example of what a Maine Coon should be. He's a classic brown tabby and that's what I've requested in a kitten. My icon is a litter of some of her kittens from a couple of years ago. Kenny was their father too, and now 3 of the 4 in that picture are also Grand Champions.

So go look at Kenny - the daddy of my kitten-to-be. Ain't he the purtiest thing!

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