November 18th, 2006



Today is the day......the biggest game in the history of the greatest rivalry in all of sports - the tOSU-That Team Up North (M*ichigan) game! {Buckeye fans do not EVER say or write the word "M*ichigan in tribute to Woody Hayes who started it.) If you're a football fan, you KNOW what this game means to these two schools. It means even more today because there is so much on the line for the winner - a trip to the National Championship game in Glendale, AZ in Jan. It's the first time these two fierce rivals have met on the playing field ranked #1 and #2. The world-wide sports media is calling this game "The Game of the Century" for good reason. It's being covered by sports media from all over the world, there are broadcast teams here from Japan, China and even New Zealand! Go Kiwis! And one of the legends of the college football world died yesterday, Bo Schembechler, the former coach of That Team Up North. Bo and Woody Hayes built this game into an intense rivalry that has become the biggest game of the year for college football fans, every year. Buckeyes hated Bo on the field, but we loved the man and what he brought to the rivalry off it. Rest in peace, old warrior and valiant foe.

Those of you who know me know that I bleed scarlet and gray for my alma mater, OSU. I'm on my way to the game in a few minutes and I will be screaming my lungs out. Even if you hate football, send some winning energy to my beloved Buckeyes as you read this. The fans of the team call ourselves The Buckeye Nation and we are truly a family in spirit. For just this special day, I ask my internet family to join my Buckeye family and send good karma our way.

And one more thing...........GO BUCKS!!!!
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