August 19th, 2007

thank you for being friend

Thank you, my dear friends!

You'll never know how much all of your words of love and support here brought me much comfort in the past few weeks.  I've tried several times to come here and post my thanks to you all, but the emotion of it all just buried me like a wave.  For a while, I tried to avoid triggering the emotions again, but just like in the old saying, the initial pain really does lessen with time.  I think I've now moved on in the healing process.  

Collapse ) Much love and thanks to you, my other family,

happy birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEI!!!! ('s the 25th)

I wish for you everything you want in this life, love, laughter, and financial prosperity.  But mostly, I wish for you the kind of friend you have been to me - caring, loyal and always there for me when I need a sympathetic ear or a hug.  

With much love from John and I on your special day.( I know it's really the 25th, but I won't be online between now and then and I didn't want to miss it!)