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I went to mass this morning for Ro

I don't usually drive downtown to the Cathedral down there for mass, but it just felt right this morning. It's a beautiful, imposing place and I needed all the grandeur of those massive stone pillars and towering stained glass windows today.  John and I were married there in a huge spectacle of a wedding, but I rarely go to mass there more than a couple of times a yr.  It just easier to bop in and out of a suburban church.

There's something about the solid permanence of a great stone cathedral that gives comfort in times of grief.  You sit there, on pews made of oak sawn a hundred years before, in the same seats where thousands of other long gone have prayed, and you feel a part of soemthing bigger than yourself.  I've never liked modern churches - modernistic angles of glass and whatever architectural style is currently in fashion.  They look like those padded shoulder suits the women wore on "Dynasty" and fall out of fashion just as quickly.  

So I thought about how Ro, with her love of the SCA and costuming, would have loved the setting.  Early morning masses on Saturday are usually quick services, but I stayed afterward and said a rosary for her, because I know she put so much value on the Rosary while she was fighting her fight.  It gave her much comfort through those times, as it gave me great comfort today - knowing she's here with us always and she's free.

Good journey, Ro.  Give Kev a hug when you meet up with him.  If I were a betting woman ( and I am!), I'd bet that he was the one sent to hold open those Pearly Gates for you, just because God wanted to give you something pleasant to look at and a strong arm to lean on when you pass through the clouds and into the light.

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